Our services

  • News information integration

  • Industry data service

  • Enterprise Intelligence Information Delivery

  • Data analysis service

  • Our advantages

  • Nets above and snares below

    Base on artifical intelligence technology such as crawler,large data,Natural Language Processing and maching learning,it automatically tracks infomation socuces such as news bulletin,social network,media,industry data ,and efficently identifies and accurately captures target content from massive unstructured data.

    Driving into the distance

    Excellent stream engine,efficently real-time data processing link,elastic extend distributed module design,from collection,extraction, analysis to the distribution of the full speed hurricane,let the data ammunition arrive at the information battlefiled at the first time.

    As easy to turn one's hand

    Providing simple and easy to use data API, embedded web pages, mobile APP components, and other professional information modules, with a variety of business models, such as hot information, wind control, public opinion, enterprise internal reference, and so on, to easily obtain the value of data.