Hengtian has accumulated profound business knowledge, advanced technical expertise and mature project management capabilities. Hengtian fully understands and explores the needs of clients and striving to meet their demands as well as pay close attention to the research and development of new technologies in order to continually develop their level of specialized service, enabling their clients to achieve professional and efficient information system experience.

  • Application Development

    Hengtian benefits from its decade of experience in developing a series of enterprise information systems that include its Pension Management Platform, E-commerce Platform, Bank Market Finance Platform, Logistic Information Platform, Mobile OA System, Online Sales Platform, and Risk Control Big Screen Visual System for its domestic and foreign clients, from industries such as finance, manufacturing, medical, retailing, logistics, high technology, and new energy. Hengtian has accumulated serious business and technical know-how, which enables the company to fully understand and mine the requirements of clients around the globe in order to build more innovative and effective solutions in terms of software application and development.

  • System Reengineering

    The Hengtian System Re-engineering team is dedicated to providing clients with customized services, including system modernization, code conversion, and implementation consulting. The company leverages its experience to develop multi-scale reengineering projects. Professional senior architects, development engineers, and QA engineers from Hengtian provide their clients with mature frameworks and methodologies, which include each stage of system engineering. With its in-depth understanding of all re-engineering facets and its commitment to customized development, Hengtian has the capability to help its clients to quickly achieve their business goals as well as to reduce risk and costs.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

    Hengtian has its own testing and quality assurance department. High-quality software products and consulting services are provided based on years of project experience and effective testing methods. It also provides professional testing suggestion and a set of testing solutions including but not limited to business functional testing, acceptance testing, performance testing and tuning, automated testing and quality assurance consulting etc. according to clients’ testing status, business requirements, system technology types and their expectations. For more information about PEG, please visit

  • IT Managed Services

    The Hengtian Global Infrastructure Services (GIS) team was established in 2006 and provides high quality infrastructure services, such as server management, database management, storage management, network management, desktop management, middleware management, configuration management, and service desk management. The Hengtian GIS team not only has a strong technical capability, but most of its service experts are OCP, CCNP, RHCE, MCSE, ITIL, ICSD, JIA, and JIS certified. The Hengtian GIS team brings other advantages to the table, such as English proficiency, strong team collaboration, and excellent communication skills.

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    PMO Consulting

    Hengtian PMO High-end Consulting Service combines professional theoretical methods and best practices in the industry, and has accumulated years of project management experience along with the application of management tools, is able to provide consulting, training and guidance according to the client’s actual needs to help build standardized project management system and process methods.

  • UED

    User Experience Design

    The Hengtian User Experience Design team has rich experience in product design and front-end development. The team is dedicated to providing high quality solutions for clients who need web application development, websites development and UI design services, and to help clients to make right decisions with excellent communication and coordination skills in the whole life cycle of every single project. For more information about UED, please visit

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