Based on over 10 years of experience in the development of enterprise information, Hengtian has created a series of professional products and works to continuously evolve its products and improve their application value so as to guarantee a high standard of client service and product quality.

  • HDV0813

    Data Visualization

    Established in 2014, Hengtian Data Visualization (HDV) team specializes in data visualization. It provides Data Visualization services for Mobile Terminal , PC Terminal and Large Screen Terminal to domestic and overseas clients.

  • textvalveen

    Text Valve

    We have a highly skilled Research and Development Team with strong technical expertise in the field of big data. We provide a variety of featured services based on real-time data capture, cleaning, transformation and pushing capabilities.

  • capiroboen-1024x680


    We specialize in smart investment and commit to the application of artificial intelligence as well as big data technology in financial investment. By mining valuable data, we provide deep-data services to investors.

  • fdspnew-1024x532

    Financial Data Service Platform

    It helps clients to achieve uniform access to data and format transformation in accordance with data standards, and provide flexible customization services. The platform adopts modular design which is different from finance institutions that can make configuration choices to satisfied business demands for it. In addition, it meets the growing business demands that it possesses advantages like uniformity, convenience, flexibility and usability etc.

  • 051002


    BlueMorpho service covers the business logic extraction of the COBOL code as well as the migration from JAVA to the AWS cloud platform. It will reduce the maintenance costs, improve the production efficiency and prolong system services for your company.

  • alphatesten-1024x682


    AlphaTest is a unified platform for quick test automation independently developed by Hengtian. It provides supports and implementation of automated testing for various applications, including web pages, desktops, interfaces and so on.

  • 企业数据集成与分析解决方案

    HT Analytics

    HTAnalytics is developed to offer a consolidated analytics platform empowered by advanced Big Data technology, powerful data services, plug & play data visualizations, and workflow management. HTAnalytics makes sophisticated data analytics methodology and technology available to large numbers of business users and enabling big data analytics to be a normal business process in enterprises.

  • 恒天云


    HengtianYun is a private cloud platform that provides multiple user and access management, friendly resource monitoring interface, flexible warning mechanism, and automatic deployment capability. HengtianYun aims to help enterprises rapidly build private cloud platform to improve the utilization of infrastructure and response time of resource requirement.

  • 网富宝


    Intend to present the most advanced high-dimensional time series data through a visual approach. Help users simulate and analyze fund investments through an online platform. Direct interaction with large-scale data helps users quickly understand funds relative to the investment performance index.

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